09 January 2014

A Year To Remember

Sent to Laura (the UK).

This little task (tarea) was sent as part of a special New Year envelope as my contribution to the Challenge #11 of Mail a Smile. The theme was A day to remember, but I changed it a little: A year to remember. I dared to draw (again) Little Red Riding Hood, and added some little items, as these New Year Chinese envelope (without money!):

The theme for the currently challenge is Birds. You have until January, 31 to participate!

By the way... haven't you checked yet the new Dani & Micu's project, You Made My Day


  1. Hi Hawwa,
    It's Emilie from Winnie's Girl. I am finally sending out the winners from the give-away that I had. I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten you! It's going in the mail tomorrow!


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