13 June 2018

Desire to Write and Read Letters

This stamp designed by Anette Messager* was issued par La Poste on 19 February 2018. It belongs to the série artistique ('artistic series'), that reproduces contemporain artworks depuis 1961.

Désir means 'desire, wish, lust...'. As you can read here, the designer chose that word because: 
C'est le mot le plus important pour moi. Sans désir on n'a plus le goût de vivre. Cela peut être infini, comme par exemple avoir simplement envie de faire des confitures... Désir de vivre, d'être, de faire, d'aimer, de transmettre.
('This is the most important word for me. Without desire we no longer have the taste to live. This can be infinite, for example just want to make jams ... Desire to live, to be, to do, to love, to transmit.')
And, as usual, Philippe found the best way to use it on mail art...

This big (20x17.7 cm) is just stunning. It has been painted on cardboard. Then, collaged. The letters are made of cork (!), and the tree of a page of a book/newspaper. The only complete word you can read on the tree is bonheur ('happines'), is this a coincidence?

But the best part is that same days later, the second part arrived:

Often I think of framing Philippe works!

*Messager means 'messenger'. What a great name for a stamp designer!


  1. Stunning. And I agree - it looks like it belongs in a frame.

    1. It would look stunning ion the wall of a letter-writing coin...

  2. Aww this is just wonderful, great work Philippe!


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