05 June 2018


If we weren't on a mail-related blog, I bet I could make you believe that these stroopwafels ('syrup waffles') are real!

Alas, they are made of paper! Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) inside an orange envelope. That way, I can keep them longer...

Say hello to that happy wafel-maker drawn on the envelope! 

The stroopwafels were first made in Gouda (South Holland), and that is the city that appears on the yellow stamp. They should not be confused with the kniepertje on the other stamps! These are larger, single, usually rolled up, and typical from Drenthe, in the east of the country. 


  1. yumm yumm yummie - this goes both for the waffles and the Gouda cheese! <3

  2. Hi Eva, Tomorrow, June 10, is a Sunday and this post has just given me an idea for breakfast: waffles. I'll bet mine won't be as delicious as your paper ones look. :-)

    1. I have been in Belgium recently,and one day I tried really good ones! Mmmm...! :P


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