02 June 2018

Nicely Stamped Envelopes

Some letters I received in January (a bit behind in posting, as usual). I really like when my friends take the time of sticking nice stamps in the envelopes they sent! These arrived from Germany (above, with a pictorial postmark too) and Spain (below).

On the envelope below, you can see the boring labels that Correos (the Spanish postal company) add to the letters if you sent them from the post office. You have to insist a lot to get real stamps, and sometimes they don't have any (or so they say). One day a postal worker told me off for not leaving room enough on a postcard. I got a bit angry and replied that I had left room enough for a stamp, but obviously not for a bed sheet.


  1. Beautiful stamps, it's nice when you can get them ☑️ Sometimes you dontd have a choice but to get those computer generated stamps, what matters is that you receive the letter and your friends receive theirs.

    1. I agree. Nice stamps aren't a must, but an agreeable plus on letters and postcards.


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