01 June 2018

Grüße aus Köln

Laura sent me this special postcard bought in the city of Cologne (Germany). The scan isn't as clear as I wanted, but it is just precious in person, with hints of glitter among the vintage people.

Do you know if this kind of postcards have any special name?

(Postcards for the Weekend 88: Anything You Wish)


  1. Hi Eva, I think you chose the perfect word for this card, “precious” … indeed it is. Looking at the enlarged view is just wonderful … there is so much detail! I do hope someone will give us a name for this kind of card, I don’t know of one, except “great.” :-) I just picked up today’s mail and what a delight to find your card of 8 May 2018! I have just had an “adventure” on Google … First I looked up Tetovan and saw some amazing images. I’ve never seen anything like Blue City Chefchaouen … amazing! … is it close to your home? Second, I looked up Col du Tichka and, I hope Google is right, they sent me to an article about Tizi n’Tichka … a mountain pass in Morocco, 2260 metres above sea level. I am going to guess that the building on your card is near the pass. I also enjoyed the cool stamps on your card. Many thanks for the excellent mail adventure! :-) John

    1. Hi, John! I'm so glad that the postcard arrived, and that you like it. Thanks for letting me know! The building in the postcard is a mosque. As I told you, I haven't been exactly there, but yes, it must be an amazing place.

      Chefchaouen is about one hour far (by car) from my home. I have been there several times, it's a must when someone visit us. I received this posctard from that town not long ago.

    2. Yes: your Google research was right!

  2. I love all the detail in this postcard and the glitter must make it extra special in person.


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