22 June 2018

Snail Mail & Latin

Latin Snail Mail 

Latin Snail Mail is a project that join, Latin language and snail mail, through the sharing of postcards, mail art and a travelling journal. 

I am afraid that I have lost all my Latin skills. But if you are able to write and read it... Go ahead!

Epistolae: Medieval Women's Letters

Epistolae is a collection of letters to and from women dating from the 4th to the 13th century AD. These letters from the Middle Ages, written in Latin, are presented with English translations and are organized by the women participating. Biographical sketches of the women and descriptions of the subject matter or the historic context of the letter is included where available.

Dr. Joan Ferrante, Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature, of Columbia University has collected and translated these letters mainly from printed sources.


  1. Sadly my Latin has also deteriorated to the point where I would be unable to take part.

    1. I'm afraid my Latin has suffered the same... :(


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