12 June 2018

HitM | Russian Windows

For the project of Houses of the World, Eduard (Russia) sent this postcard: these are the traditional windows in his town, Alexandrov. The pictures were taken by Eduard himself, who has runs the mail art project Windows of the World.

Windows are an important part of a house. I have been always amazed and how differently windows look around the world.


  1. These are beautiful windows (as was/is his mail art project :-) )

    And yes, windows look so different, according to the country. Since the borders in the Schengen countries have quit, we can drive to our neighbouring country Germany without passing customs. And if you miss the 'welcome to Germany' board, you notoce immediately that you've left NL and entered Germany, just by the shape, especially (smaller) size of the windows :-)

    1. Oh! But I guess there were no reason to remove the board. You find "Bienvenue en France" and "Bem-vindo a Portugal" when you enter those countries by road (and also in the airports). I think it's good to know you're entering a different country. Some tourists are very absent-minded... :)


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