08 June 2018

The John Rylands Library

The University of Manchester, John Rylands Library Façade. Building designed by Basil Champneys. The library opened to the public in 1900, and was founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband. The library is maintained by the University of Manchester and open for library readers and visitors.

Inside of the library: the Historic Reading Room in 2007.

And something like the inside of the inside: one of the oldest books of the library. Papyrus fragments containing lines from the Gospel of John (John 18:31; 18:37-38). From Egypt, ancient Greek language, 2nd century AD.

And just another postcard from Manchester. Because sometimes, you know, you must go out of the library...

Canal boats in Castlefield.

All postcards sent by Laura (the UK).

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